High Security Registration Plate

What Is an-HSRP?

High-Security-Registration-Plate is a new type of number plate which is made of aluminium. These plates are tamper-proof and come with two non-reusable locks. To remove the number plate, you will have to break the lock. Once the lock is broken, you cannot install the same plate again and will have to purchase another one. The number plates will have a chromium-based Ashoka Chakra on the left, along with ‘IND’ written. The vehicle identification number will be laser encoded, which is easy to be scanned and difficult to be tampered with.


What Is A Colour Coded Sticker?

A colour coded sticker will indicate the fuel type of the car and the Bharat Stage. For petrol and CNG cars, you will get a blue sticker, orange for diesel cars and green for EVs. BS6 compliant cars will additionally have a green strip on the top of the sticker. You have to install the sticker on the windscreen from inside.

How do high security plates work?


Once the plate is completed, it is affixed to the vehicle using at least two non-reusable snap-on locks. After that is done, the unique-HSRP is electronically linked to the vehicle.


Since-HSRPs come with non-removable snap-on locks, it makes it quite difficult for the plates to be removed or tampered with. This makes it easier for authorities to trace vehicles in case of theft.


HSRPs-are issued only after provision of information such as the vehicle’s engine number, chassis number, etc. This helps prevent counterfeiting of the vehicle registration plates.


HSRPs-use a uniform font and pattern for the motor vehicle registration number, which makes it substantially easier for police personnel to read and note down vehicle registration plates.